Tungsten Carbide Buttons Technology

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Tungsten Carbide Buttons Technology

Low pressure hot isostatic pressing is not only to overcome the disadvantage of traditional vacuum sintering, which will leave an amount of pores, internal defects and reduce the performance of tungsten carbide buttons. But also improving hot isostatic pressing (HIP), which has expensive equipments and low production efficiency. It can maximize the elimination of internal residual porosity carbide, grain refinement, remove the coarse-grained, cobalt pool, surface composition changes and other defects, which improving the overall density of the tungsten carbide buttons and other performances. Currently, there are many manufacturers began to use the sintering technology and provide the market with a large number of high-quality tungsten carbide buttons.

The basic definition of aging is a phenomenon that the strength and hardness of quenched alloys and significant changes with time goes by. Aging at room temperature, which is called as natural aging, aging at a set-up temperature called artificial aging. Aging technology is to put the material consciously stored for long periods at room temperature or higher temperature, and forming the aging process. The carbide quenching-aging main principle is that destroy original poor plastic structure turn into high plasticity of the structure through quenching, which improve the toughness and strength of tungsten carbide buttons. Then through the aging process, moves tungsten carbide supersaturated vacancies to grain boundaries or dislocations so that it will disappear, reduce lattice distortion and loose the high stress areas, which enhance the bending strength of the cemented carbide. Specific examples of this technology in the domestic production is vacuum oil quenching - natural aging treatment for some grades of tungsten carbide buttons, and the using of vacuum gas quenching - tempering treatment for Yj2,1R and other brands of tungsten carbide buttons, etc.

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