Tungsten Carbide Buttons Select

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Tungsten Carbide Buttons Select

Drilling means that relevant tungsten carbide button should be tough and hard enough. According to the different types of rock formation and hardness, they can be divided into different grades, such as YG6, YG8, YG8C, YG11C, YG13C, YG15, etc. If the rock formation is pretty hard and the impact is huge, we should choose the carbides contain Co more and raw grains alloy. On the contrary, we should choose the less one.

Tungsten carbide button are bearing strength of pulling, bending, pressing, twisting and some cyclic stress when it is working. So they have to bear thousands and thousands of impacts and corrosion, which requires that the button on drilling bit distributes well-regulated in order to make bearing equally. When you use large-scale rock dill, the ball-shaped with double angle of chamfer is a better choice. On the contrary, cone and wedge is beneficial for prolong working life.

Precession drilling usually used in coal drilling and geological drilling and other work, they suffered the impact load is smaller compared to the drilling work. And the class of tungsten carbide buttons requires high abrasion resistance and good toughness. Besides, tungsten carbide buttons should also wear some impact load in practical works so that we are using low-Co and the medium or coarse grain WC tungsten carbide YG6,YG8,YG4C,YG6C,YG8C, etc. The common tungsten carbide buttons for coal mining types is cylindrical, conical, mushroom and so on. And they are beneficial for saving the working hours, reducing labor-consuming and accelerate the project.

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