Tungsten Carbide Buttons Parameters

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Tungsten Carbide Buttons Parameters

Tungsten carbide button for mining and oil-field drilling are mainly medium and small-scale for inlay system cone drill and impact drills soft and medium hard rock drilling. These parameters indicate the standards, shape and special designs, etc. For instance, the pattern of SQ1015A-E13Q. "S" represents a series of accuracy, but it always spared. "Q" means the shape of button is spherical. In addition, Z-conical, D-parabolic, P-flat, T-cone with flat-top, X-wedge, B-eccentric wedge, S-spoon, J-Auger and so on. And "10" represents the diameter of button,"15" represents the height of button (notice: if it less than double-digit filled with "0"). "A" means the special structure of top, standard structure value is default.

The followings are always omitted. "E" means that the angle of chamfer bottom is between 15° and 18°. In addition, F-30°, G-45°, X means other index or other shapes. "13" represents the height of angle of chamfer bottom, it is 10 times bigger than the height (notice: if it less than double-digit filled with "0"). The last "Q" represents the shape of bottom hole is spherical. The value is default if it is closed.

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