Tungsten Carbide Button Bits

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Tungsten Carbide Button Bits

Tungsten carbide button bits have a thin metal blade or disk with a sharp, usually toothed edge. Tungsten carbide button bits are used for cutting wood, metal, or other hard materials. They can be hand-operated or power-driven. Chinatungsten Online's tungsten carbide button bits are used in surface processing of cast irons, colored metal and alloys, as well as nonmetal materials for hard metal, carbide rough turn, rough planning, and precision milling.

Tungsten carbide road digging button bits are used to mining the road. It can be used to reduce wear on rubbing surfaces found in roller cone drill bits, diamond bits, down-hole stabilizers, and numerous other applications.

Various types and dimensions of tungsten carbide button bits:

Type Dimension(mm) Angles
D d H h1 h2 α
W104167 16.07 8.0 15.08 3.00 1.8 92
W104271 18.75 9.5 17.76 3.75 1.5 83
W104341 17.85 9.6 17.16 3.84 1.6 82

We produce a wide range of standard and special tungsten carbide button bits by HIP-sintering and hot processed for both wood and metal cutting applications. They are excellent in all the properties, which can be produced according to your print or drawings.It is our pleasure to offer fantastic savings on all of your Wood cutting blade requirements.
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